Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3 - First Love

I remember the day I first saw him. He was wearing orange and had all the right stuff to soothe my appetite. I knew that I had to take him home, he had to be mine.

And I did. I bought him up and took him home - well, I took the wrapper home since I ate him in the car. Sadly, they discontinued NutRageous bars. My favorite candy bar DISCONTINUED! It's just wrong.

But back to first love. I would honestly have to say that Dustin is my first true love, and I wrote a whole post about it a few weeks ago. Just to make this post more interesting let me take you back to 8th grade, and more specifically, October. I had a horrible hair-do, no fashion sense, and had braces. See for yourself....

But at least the majority of my classmates looked the same way, so I can move past it. I remember having crushes on a few boys around this time but one in particular stood out from the others, we'll call him Tom. Tom happened to have caught the eyes of several other girls in our class but during this particular time of the year he decided that I caught his eye as well. We had a few classes together and would smile at each other during lectures, we would sit together at lunch, and we even had a few "dates" outside of school. And by dates I mean group outings to the mall or movies with other friends. I was smitten. Not truly in love, but I sure felt like it at times. I would get butterflies in my stomach when I saw him and was positively giggly when I thought about him.

We made it a whole two weeks before things fell apart. He wanted to go steady and I was afraid of commitment. So there our "relationship" ended, in 8th grade English class. Through a note. Tom moved on to the next girl that caught his eyes, and I moved past the dating scene. I was an 8th grader with commitment issues.

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