Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 20 - Nicknames

My longest running nickname was Pet. It is the first three letters of my maiden name and was a way to distinguish my best friend and I apart. See, her name was Jess too, and her last name also started with a P. So we became Prit and Pet. Pretty simple and straight forward. I also was called by my last name a lot. I guess Jess is technically a nickname as well. My full name is Jessica but I think the only one who ever uses it anymore is my mom, and maybe HER mom. And if the middle name is included, Jessica Lynn, I know I'm in trouble!

Dustin's nickname is Dusty. I only ever knew him as Dusty in college but it turns out that no one in his family or circle of friends back home called him that. I'm not really sure if they even liked it, but it kind of stuck. I tend to call him Dustin more now but for our time together in college, he was Dusty.

Brooke never really had a nickname. Sometimes I call her Brookie or Boo, but not that often. I tend to use her full name, Brooke Lynn, a lot but then people think her name is Brooklyn. I'm sure something will develop with time.

Molly I have called Molly Moo since before she was born. I used it so much that Brooke calls her Molly Moo now! I think it will stick, or at least until she gets older and decides she hates it.

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