Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 9 - Friends

A picture with friends...

My friendships are more of single entities than a group dynamic. There was more of a group of us when we were in college but we have gone our separate ways and some of us don't even talk anymore. Therefore, I may need to break this down in pictureS. But, since when do I follow blogging rules anyway?

Here is an actual group shot! This shot was taken at my wedding, obviously, with some of my closest girl friends.

We'll go from left to right.

Jena kind of has to be my friend because I married her brother. And I am impossible to dislike. [that was a joke people] Jena is my "sister" and personal fashion adviser. She and her husband Wes live 2 miles down the road, so they are stuck with seeing us on a regular basis. We have a blast when we get together which makes family events even more enjoyable.

Kara was my roommate my Junior year of college. I'm not even sure how we met [is that awful?] but we became fast friends my sophomore, her freshman, year of college. We roomed together the next year, and our boyfriends also happened to be rooming together. Kara is beautiful, smart, and full of life. I have yet to meet someone who works out harder than her!

Amy was my roommate for my Freshman, Sophomore, and Senior years of college. I DO remember the first time I met her. We got papers in the mail listing who we would be rooming with and when I got to summer orientation, I started scouting name tags to find her. Truthfully when we first came across each other we acted like we hadn't seen each other. I was nervous, and I don't blame her for ignoring me! I was wearing a pink mini skirt, a tight white tank top, and carrying and overly pink bag. What was I thinking!? She soon learned that I wasn't a complete freak and that we could get along wonderfully. Sadly, she lives in South Carolina so we mainly get to speak on the phone, but about once a year our paths cross in person. Amy is probably my most honest friend. We were always open with each other and that communication really strengthened our relationship, and I have a feeling it will continue to grow. We also share a common love for One Tree Hill.

And special shout out to Amy's sister Ellie.

Jess was my best friend in high school. We met in 8th grade and decided over IM to be best friends. We were both Jessica's with the last initial P and we quickly become known as Prit [her] and Pet [me] to everyone at our school. We did everything together. We had tons of sleep overs, we went shopping and to the movies a bunch, and we even worked the same high school job for awhile. And when it came time to head to college, we picked schools within 15 minutes of each other even though we were headed 700 miles from home. This past May I had the pleasure of standing in her wedding as a big blue whale, I mean bridesmaid.

OH MY GOSH I was so swollen. I had Molly 2 weeks later.

I have made two local friends since moving to Indiana.

Randi I met online on a mom's forum and she is probably my closest friend in Indiana. I know that sounds odd but it was just pure luck that we found each other. Our first get together was at the mall for Christmas shopping and we have been great friends ever since. We get together with them a few times a month to eat good food, play fun games, and just watch our kids have a blast together. Randi's daughter is 2 months older than Brooke, and our second babies were born within days of each other!

Brittany is married to a guy that Dustin grew up with. We had our daughters within days of each other and were pregnant with our seconds together as well. We try to get together every other week for play dates but it doesn't always work out! We always joke that our husbands have to do everything the same so we better make up our minds about having a third baby together. ;)

Gosh I looked horrible that Christmas!

And here is a shout out to missed friendships...

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