Sunday, August 24, 2008

Baby Bump Update

Well, I promised and here I am to deliver... 11 more weeks!

Friday, August 22, 2008

BUSY weekend ahead!

Well, today I am officially 29 weeks pregnant! Right now my body feels as though I either a) had a really awesome work out that has left my muscles throbbing or b) have the flu and my body is aching from it. I do not have pictures for you just yet because it is really hard for me to commit to getting in front of a camera, I feel like a whale. BUT we did get our new camera and it is awesome. Here are some pictures Dustin and I took while playing with it...


Dustin's wedding band

My rings

Cool color feature

My eyes

Tomorrow is Dustin's grandma's 90th birthday party so a ton of family is arriving. Two of Dustin's cousins, Alex and Cooper, are staying with us this weekend and other guests are spread out across the county. I will update on how the party goes and hopefully I will brave a picture.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Camera!

Our new camera is on the way! We were not going to be able to afford replacing our beautiful Canon Pro Series but I am happy with our choice of a point and shoot. I really wanted something that could take great every day photos and this will do the job! I am sure I will take HUNDREDS of pictures of the baby per day and I have a scrap book ready to go... so I'm pumped!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Car Trouble

I spend so much time sitting around the house that I was thrilled to have the opportunity to pick my mother-in-law and her friend up from the airport last night. I left a bit early to make a quick stop at the mall out that way and was feel optimistic. I even blow dried my hair, put on jeans, and...gasp... mascara. I was just about to the mall when I noticed my engine temperature meter was way past the red. I am no expert on cars but something told me this was NOT a good situation. I called Dustin who instructed me to pull over, and then I called my dad who instructed me to find a mechanic! Luckily, there was a Midas nearby or I may have been stranded on the side of the road in Mishawaka for the night. After inspecting my car for a few minutes they told me that a pipe-something-or-other split near the big silver thing... and I lost a bunch of some kind of liquid. (Yeah, that is how I processed it) Fortunately, the mechanic explained the problem to my dad on the phone and he told me I would need to have it fixed right then and there. I called my husband and instructed him to call his father as I was not going to make it to the airport.

They told me it would be about 2 hours and since I have ADD, I decided to walk to the nearest shopping center. It was about 1.5 miles away, which sounds like no big deal... unless you are almost 7 months pregnant and wearing flip flops. So 45 minutes (each way) later... I had pulverized my flip flops into a flat shape, I had blistered the bottoms of my feet, but I did get some shopping done in Old Navy!

So. My car is now fixed and I can walk again. End of story.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Movin' N Shakin'

As our little baby girl nears 2 pounds and a length of 15 inches, she is running out of room in my abdomen! Over the next couple of weeks I can only imagine how cramped it is going to get in there for her, and taking advantage of what space she has now, she is definitely on the move. Now I am not complaining because feeling a baby move in your stomach is indescribable feeling but it can be uncomfortable at times. Thankfully I am carrying her low and have yet to receive a jab in the ribs but there are plenty of other things for her to attack. As we move into the third trimester and final three months of the pregnancy Dustin and I have been enjoying watching my stomach bounce around, stock piling toilet paper in the bathroom, and definitely my new love of baked goods.

(Well, I guess I loved them before too)

Hopefully we will have a new camera by the end of the month to update baby bump pictures. Also, my mom is throwing me a baby shower Labor Day weekend so I am really looking forward to the trip back to Philly to spend time with family and friends!

Friday, August 8, 2008

27 Weeks!

I am now 27 weeks pregnant, only 13 more to go! I would update with a baby bump picture but our camera "disappeared". I am pretty convinced it got stolen from my purse but Dustin is apt to think I lost it. I do not think this is the case as I am pretty protective of the $350 dollar camera on a daily basis. Sadly, it has yet to make an appearance and I have been in mourning. We are going to replace it with something MUCH less expensive, especially with something very important coming up this Fall, but I can not help but be frustrated that my dream camera is gone.

So, an update after the rant.

Pregnancy continues to be somewhat easy, despite the constant "Are you having morning sickness?"/"Are you craving anything?" comments. It would seem as those these two things define pregnancy for most people when in fact, I have yet to experience either! Yes, there are times when a certain food sounds good and I am more persistent about having it then I normally would be, but I have yet to scarf down a whole pizza and a bag of chips. I do think I have been more willing to eat desserts and unhealthier things (at a time when I should be eating healthy!) just because I know I am going to gain weight no matter what.

As far as morning sickness... nada.

There is my update and hopefully Dustin and I will have a new (but less nice) camera to update some pictures!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Twilight Saga

I love when I find a great book to read.
I love it even more when that book is a part of a series.

I am thoroughly disappointed when that series ends.

This weekend I decided to indulge in the Twilight saga that seems to have swept the nation. I recently saw a trailer online for a movie based on the book --coming to theaters 12.12.o8-- and realized I needed to get involved. Friday I found the first book, Twilight, while shopping at Sam's Club and started reading it when I returned home. 6 hours and 500 pages later, I was done and hooked! Naturally, Saturday morning I sped over to Sam's Club to get the other two books in the series -- New Moon and Eclipse. The second book I finished Saturday, and the third, Sunday! I knew that there would be just one more book in the series and I made a point to figure out when it would be released. Before I got around to researching I made one of my random trips to Target to search for nothing inparticular and found the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, had been released two days earlier. What luck!?

2500 pages later, I have finished this four book series. I have always enjoyed my ability to let my mind disappear into the novels I am reading, and the fast pace that I am able to read, but it saddens me to have finished a great series.

If you enjoyed Harry Potter, or things close to it, I highly recommend this saga! You will not be disappointed. I actually think this series trumps HP a hundred times over. Take the fantasy but remove the magic and add a seductive romance between a human and a vampire. Throw in some werewolves and other enemies for a bit of drama, and this series has you set!