Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Twilight Saga

I love when I find a great book to read.
I love it even more when that book is a part of a series.

I am thoroughly disappointed when that series ends.

This weekend I decided to indulge in the Twilight saga that seems to have swept the nation. I recently saw a trailer online for a movie based on the book --coming to theaters 12.12.o8-- and realized I needed to get involved. Friday I found the first book, Twilight, while shopping at Sam's Club and started reading it when I returned home. 6 hours and 500 pages later, I was done and hooked! Naturally, Saturday morning I sped over to Sam's Club to get the other two books in the series -- New Moon and Eclipse. The second book I finished Saturday, and the third, Sunday! I knew that there would be just one more book in the series and I made a point to figure out when it would be released. Before I got around to researching I made one of my random trips to Target to search for nothing inparticular and found the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, had been released two days earlier. What luck!?

2500 pages later, I have finished this four book series. I have always enjoyed my ability to let my mind disappear into the novels I am reading, and the fast pace that I am able to read, but it saddens me to have finished a great series.

If you enjoyed Harry Potter, or things close to it, I highly recommend this saga! You will not be disappointed. I actually think this series trumps HP a hundred times over. Take the fantasy but remove the magic and add a seductive romance between a human and a vampire. Throw in some werewolves and other enemies for a bit of drama, and this series has you set!


kate. said...

ooh... can i borrow? unfortunately, chicago public libraries don't have copies to take out. boo.

how are things going?!

Gloria said...

Hmmm what a great blog. Want to make mine this way.