Friday, August 22, 2008

BUSY weekend ahead!

Well, today I am officially 29 weeks pregnant! Right now my body feels as though I either a) had a really awesome work out that has left my muscles throbbing or b) have the flu and my body is aching from it. I do not have pictures for you just yet because it is really hard for me to commit to getting in front of a camera, I feel like a whale. BUT we did get our new camera and it is awesome. Here are some pictures Dustin and I took while playing with it...


Dustin's wedding band

My rings

Cool color feature

My eyes

Tomorrow is Dustin's grandma's 90th birthday party so a ton of family is arriving. Two of Dustin's cousins, Alex and Cooper, are staying with us this weekend and other guests are spread out across the county. I will update on how the party goes and hopefully I will brave a picture.

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