Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 13 - Goals

I always think of life goals that I may want to have and then I tend to forget about them as days pass by. I should write them down, a bucket list of sorts.

one. Take a photography class... or two.
two. Pay off my student loans before I turn 30.
three. Reconnect with old friends.
four. Retire well.
five. Wean off my anxiety medication.
six. Build our dream home before we turn 35.
seven. Be intentional with current friendships.
eight. Take the girls to a Dude Ranch.
nine. Vacation with Dustin ALONE every 5 years.
ten. Start our own Holiday traditions.
eleven. Drink more water. Exercise. Be healthy.
twelve. Lose 20 pounds by Summer 2011.
thirteen. Take a trip overseas.
fourteen. Explore surrogacy.
fifteen. Take Dustin skiing.
sixteen. Work at Target. [I spend enough time there, I should be an employee]
seventeen. Adopt a rescue dog.
eighteen. Have a garden in my back yard.
nineteen. Write a book. In conjunction, have a personal library in our dream home.
twenty. Live life to it's fullest. No regrets, no fears.