Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 11 - TV Shows & A story

My TV show list has lessened over the past year or so because we got rid of cable and no longer have a DVR. It is so hard to keep up!

Monday Dancing With the Stars, 90210, Gossip Girl
Tuesday One Tree Hill
Wednesday Survivor
Thursday Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy, The Office
Daily Friends and How I Met Your Mother reruns

Old Favorites Veronica Mars, Roswell, Dollhouse

Classics Saved By the Bell, Growing Paints, Step by Step

I was going to add pictures to go with all of these but I am too tired. We are ALL battling colds in this house, and tomorrow I need to take Molly to the doctor to get her cough checked out. Poor girl.

On to a story. If you get queasy about #2, you may want to close this window.

For Brooke's 1st birthday my Grandmom sent her a hodge podge of stuff. A book, a toy, some outfits, etc. One of the clothing items was a 2T fleece nightgown. It did not do her much good then but this week I decided she would probably fit in it. We hadn't had diaper issues before so I figured it would be fine. Night 1 went well and she seemed nice and comfy cozy. We put Brooke in her jammies two nights in a row because she doesn't really get dirty while sleeping, so we moved on to Night 2 of the fleece nightgown. I heard her knocking on her door the next morning and walked into a wall of poop smell. This isn't unusual so I sat down to pull the wipes out of her dresser. She goes, "Poop!" and when I look up she is pointing to her book corner. There on the floor lies her diaper and next to it is a pile of poop. Not only that but the poop got on one of her toys and her favorite book [which is now in the trash]. I got her dressed and cleaned up the poop. Done, right? Wrong. I accidentally left the diaper lying on the floor and our dog decided to give it a go. He pulled all the poopy wipes out and began to eat the poop. I caught him mid-munch and chased him to the laundry room with a towel.

No more nightgowns. No more diapers on the floor.

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