Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 16 - Dream Home

I have been waiting for this post since I first starting this blogging challenge. I don't have an exact house I can find online to show you, so I am going to show you some rooms I would like to have in my dream home. As you saw in my goals, Dustin and I would like to build our dream home by the time we are 35, if it is financially feasible. And I say build because the idea of sitting down with a designer/builder and putting it all together is so exciting. We would get to build OUR home to OUR standards. Everything would be something WE choose.

I don't need a mansion. In fact, I don't want to clean a mansion. SO, something around 3000 sq feet will do! I hope all of my "dreams" fit.

I just want the kitchen to be big and open to the main living area, maybe through a high bar/island area. Our home now is an open concept and I really enjoy it, it makes our house feel bigger than it is. I like the double oven, the stove in it's own alcove, and the little desk for keeping coupons and a laptop.

Although I like the idea of a "bright" kitchen.

There are a few requirements for the bathroom. It must have a "grown-up" shower, as Dustin calls it, which means no half shower, half tub deal. It must have a big garden tub. It must have his and her sinks, maybe even sides. And it must have a vanity for ME! Doesn't this bathroom look so comfy, cozy? Minus the bench in the middle. Change the decor and colors a bit and I think it might work.

Or how about something like this? Um, excuse me while I spend the rest of the night looking at bathrooms. Maybe his and her bathrooms?

I also want an awesome closet. All to myself. I want it to have tons of space for clothes, and shoes, and accessories. Something like this.... A MOM CAVE.

I have always wanted a library. I love books. I love buying books. I have boxes upon boxes of books in the basement waiting to find homes on shelves. I have always pictured a separate room that you enter through double french doors. You step down into a room with comfy reading chairs and floor to ceiling book shelves. I don't need a two story room but this is the only picture I could find...

We are in the process of finishing our basement right now and it will be a simple project. A bedroom, a TV room, and a playroom. For our dream basement? I want a large living area with big flat screen TV mounted on the wall. I want a fireplace, a bedroom and bathroom for guests, DVDs and games galore, etc. I also want a bar area with a sink, fridge, and all for entertaining. And of course, a movie room!

The things I did not picture were minor things. Like the bedrooms, which need to be somewhat large but not overwhelming. I want a master suite on the main level, and two to three bedrooms upstairs. I want the family room to have a high vaulted ceiling that can been looked down upon from a landing upstairs. I want a large stone fireplace that goes up to the ceiling. I want a nice patio on the back of the home. Maybe something like this...

Of course, maybe we'll stay in this small and quaint little house for longer than we expected. And that is okay. It is our first home, and we love it. We were supposed to dream though, right?


molly said...

WOW! All these photos are amazing! I especially love that bathtub in front of the fireplace. Yeah, I could spend my whole day in there getting pruny :)

I hope you get your dream someday, hon! It is fun to dream!

Anonymous said...

Wow. "I guess "3,000 sq" will do." Do you realize how you just sounded in this whole post? You probably said "I want, I want, I want" about 35 times. I am new to your blog and found it because of a picture on Pinterest but I can tell you that I was really put off. I can understand "dreaming" and wanting things but this post felt very haughty, spoiled and entitled.

Anonymous said...

having a dream and a goal is commendable!! good on you for setting that goal. we all should reach for the stars, whether we get there or not, while we enjoy each day as it comes. your dream house is beautiful! and very reasonable for the timeline you have for your family. my dream house is probably a little too extravagant what with 23 rooms (10 out of the 23 are bedrooms), 7 full baths, and 3 powder rooms. =D everyone can dream, it should be encouraged. now that's not saying i won't be perfectly happy with my 2-3 bed 2 bath in comfy suburbia. but if that dream DOES come true, i'll be happier for it because i let myself dream it first! i hope you get your dream house, your taste seems impeccable!

Mary said...

You are so cute! You sound exactly like me almost 16 years ago. We did build our dream home, now all our kids are gone and I have to take care of EVERYTHING~ We are in the process of getting rid of things and we have bought a motorhome to travel in for a while, before we decide where we want to live! One thing we have decided is that when you are just starting out, you think "Oh, the next house is going to have this" and then when you get our age, you think "who is going to want this stuff" and "man there is a lot to dust". Dream on and don't let anyone put you down for saying what you want!!! We all have our dreams~ BTW Our dream house is 3500 sq ft with 5 bedrooms and 3 full baths and our bath looks a lot like the one picture of the bath with the fireplace~

Katy Desroches said...

You and Dustin definitely have an eye for fine details. I do agree with the “grown up” bathroom. Since we use this place on a daily basis, it should look, and feel, wonderful. But as a lady, the closet should be amazing as well. ^_^

Erick Bush said...

My wife would definitely love this place, especially the closet. But I do agree with Dustin about the “grown-up” bathroom. It would be nice to take a bath on a big tub. By the way, the entertainment room looks smashing. I could spend the whole day there, just watching awesome movies.

Nannie Toller said...

Gosh! I will be satisfied if I have these awesome features in my home. I like the bar area as it looks inviting. If you want to unwind and chill out with some of your close friends, you already have the perfect place; you don’t need to go outside! You’re evening will be great just by staying there, having a beer or wine, and making wonderful conversations with your pals. :’)

Levi Ervin said...

Nothing bad in dreaming. It's only a few steps away from fulfillment. I mean having that type of horizon the stuff that living is made of. And there's lots of loan packages around with which to achieve that. I wasn't looking then, but now I see the light :)


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