Monday, June 30, 2008

Big Purple Whale

I am in a wedding on July 12th and today I went to get my dress fitted. The seamstress had me wait until this week considering how fast my belly will be growing this month, which was a VERY good idea! I ordered the dress three sizes too big (yes three) and it actually fits snug everywhere except the chest. It is a two piece and my belly holds up the skirt and rounds out the top. Standing in the mirror while she pinned me, I felt like a big purple whale. Maybe it was one of those mean, mean mirrors that makes you look wider than you are, but I was mortified. Dustin has to constantly remind me that I am SUPPOSED to be growing, but I can't help but feel larger than life. I recently picked up a pregnancy aerobics video to help make getting back in shape easier, and I am also stocking up on watermelon for that natural diuretic!

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