Saturday, June 28, 2008

Spring Cleaning (a bit late)

This weekend Dustin and I will be doing some spring cleaning and reorganizing. Our landlords are having another family look at the house on Tuesday so we need to get it spruced up, plus it is WAY overdue! I am interested to see how well this goes because even though the second trimester of pregnancy is considered to be the "best", I still find myself getting tired and sore very easily. Dustin is somewhat understanding but the "I'm Pregnant" excuse runs out after the first half of pregnancy! I was hoping to get a longer life out of it, he is just too smart for me.

I haven't put any pictures of Dustin on here yet, and it has proven difficult to actually TAKE a picture of him. Here is a picture I snapped of him putting shelves together for our nursery furniture. To the right is our first child, Jake. He is a spunky miniature dachshund going through his "terrible-twos" at 8 months. During the building process I had to pry several pieces of cardboard/styrofoam from his mouth, along with a couple screws.

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