Sunday, June 22, 2008


Crazy as it sounds, Dustin and I have started setting up the nursery and reorganizing our home! We have three bedrooms, so plenty of space, but we decided to switch the guest room (future nursery) and office around. It was a pain taking his desk apart and moving the book shelves but we accomplished what we needed to and it is mostly organized. Friday we went to Babies R' Us with some summer coupons and bought a changing table, a crib mattress, and a very comfortable glider. We got home and built them right away, not wanting work to pile up. The crib and dresser are coming sometime late next week so we are having a very exciting June!

You may be wondering, "Jess... you are only 20 weeks along, why are you doing this already!?" Well, my parents are helping us out with our nursery furniture and July 4th is the last weekend they will be here before the arrival of our little girl. We really want it all set up before they get here so they have a peek at what the nursery will be! I figure I'll spend the normal nesting period crocheting a blanket or something.

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