Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Weekend

Dustin and I had a great weekend! Following the news about our healthy little girl, we had some celebrating to do. Friday afternoon I went in to get my hair cut. I loved my long hair but I knew that once the baby is born, I will not have the mandatory two hours to style it. It is shorter than I have ever had it before, but I really like it. Friday night Dustin surprised me with dinner at one of those Asian restaurants where they cook the food in front of you. His parents, sister, and brother-in-law came along as well.

Saturday morning Dustin and I hit the mall for some lunch and a little stroll. We ended up in Elder Beerman and of course I figured out there was a 50% sale on all baby clothes. I understand that we will get a lot of clothes from people for showers and all, but I wanted to have some fun. Also, we had a gift card that we received for a wedding gift and we could not find anything else worth buying. 6 outfits later, I left the mall a happy woman! Even Dustin was a bit happy after buying a Skillet CD from the Christian bookstore. That afternoon we headed to a wedding. There were 500 people there and the setting was the Bride's gorgeous country home. The flowers alone had to cost a fortune and it was just BEAUTIFUL.

Sunday was Happy Daddy's Day so we headed over to Dustin's parents house for the lunch BBQ. We don't have much storage in our house at the moment so his parents have allowed us to store baby stuff in their basement. I brought over the recent outfits I brought and got to see more gifts people dropped off. One lady gave us a $300 breast pump for free, and we even got a Baby Bjorn! We are very blessed by the giving people in our lives!

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