Thursday, June 12, 2008


Not only was today my 22nd birthday, but I also had my routine ultrasound. I am technically 19 weeks along but I wanted this as a birthday present to myself! The experience was very different than I expected. I loved watching the tech show us each body part and then measure them. It was also fun to watch our baby bounce around my uterus as I have not felt movement yet. At one point the baby started bouncing on my bladder (full at the time), I started laughing, and the baby was bouncing with my laugh. The tech was able to catch it on video and put it on a CD for us. We also decided that we wanted to know the sex, because I am really bad with surprises, and she was able to get a good prediction.


Dustin started asking her about accuracy and she went back to show us a second look. Even though she did not snap a picture of the second look, it was very clear. There were three stark white lines and nothing growing between the legs, so we feel very confident. We both also had a sense before hand about it being a girl. Also, the tech said in 7 years, doing 5-10 ultrasounds a day, she has only been wrong 5 times... and with equal opportunity between boys and girls!

We also got together with Dustin's family tonight because I share the same birthday with his little cousin, Conner. I quick headed to Babies R' Us between the appointment and the party and picked up an adorable little pink outfit. I proceeded to wrap it up and with his whole family around, we had his grandmother open the gift. It was a great way to see everyone's reactions!

One last thing, an update of my baby bump!

God Bless!

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