Thursday, June 5, 2008


Anyone who is or was a) a newlywed; and b) NOT a compulsive cleaner, can probably testify to the truth of my next post... well, at least the beginning part...

After Dustin and I got married and moved into our new home, it spent at least two months looking like we were living in a hotel. Our wedding gifts were scattered amongst different rooms in the house and our clothes were still in suitcases. Considering the fact that I was jobless, you would have thought I would straighten up a bit, but TV seemed more appealing. Eventually gifts found their places; either on the wall, in a closet, in a cabinet, or back to the store, and then we become just plain messy. Our clothes would start out in drawers and slowly find their way around the room. I would do laundry but clean and folded clothes would not get put away for weeks. I would cook dinner and do dishes 5 days later. It was quite gross if you think about it, but this week (yes, just this week... over 5 months after our wedding) Dustin and I made a change. We put clothes away, put away piles of books and papers, and even did the dishes. While Dustin was at work I polished all the wood, vacuumed, and cleaned the bathrooms. It has been 3 days since our renewal and I am proud to say I have kept up with the cleaning. I make sure dishes are placed in the dishwasher if dirty and full loads are put away after a cleaning. I even made the bed this morning. Some of you may be thinking "Ok, what's so hard about all that?" BUT Dustin and I truly deserve a pat on the back. I figure these are good habits to have before the baby arrives.

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