Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some Answers

Time to answer some more of your questions. I wish there were more questions to answer! Feel free to post more questions in this post, or even answer some of these questions for yourself. I encourage you to start your own Q@A post so I can learn more about YOU. I really enjoying answering all of the unique questions people come up with. Sometimes it challenges me to think deeper into certain topics and discover new things.

Ashley asked:

If Brooke & Molly would've been boys, what would their names have been?: Well, our number one boys name is Chase. Brooke would have been Chase, and Molly would have been Chase. We know that for sure. We have never really talked past that but recently I mentioned the name Cole to Dustin if for some reason we ended up with two boys [twins, we go crazy and have four kids...] and we both really like it.

What's your vice? Your gotta have, can't do a day without thang?: Diet Pepsi, hands down. I cannot remember the last time I went a day with out it. I am working on incorporating more water into my diet so that day may be coming soon!

Laura asked:

How far apart in age do you want Molly and future baby #3? IF there is a baby #3, he or she will become coming at the EARLIEST sometime after Molly's second birthday. And I am talking conception after Molly's second birthday.

How many kids total do you want? I have always wanted 3 but more recently we have been feeling very comfortable with just 2.

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Caroline said...

you guys make such adorable babies. i vote for more!!!

lena said...

I'd love to learn how you and dustin met. And since I'm a sucker for proposal stories (mines the most unromantic ever), how he popped the question.

p.s. I love the name Cole!

Kirk and Chrissie said...

Leah was going to be Cole if she was a boy :). Love that name! Your girls are adorable!

Loving Mommy! said...

1. Do you have a daily routine with your girls? If so what is it?

2. What do you think is the hardest thing about 2 under 2?

3. Is it harder or easier than you thought?

4. What's the hardest thing about being a SAHM to 2 under 2?

5. How are your girls alike/different?

Dance4JC said...

Does Brooke get jealous of Molly sometimes? If yes, what does she do and how do you handle it?

How did you lose the babyweight (for future reference for me personally.)?

Anonymous said...

Chase Utley and Cole Hamels?