Monday, August 23, 2010

The Weekend

This past weekend was actually busy for a change. Normally we sit around the house and talk about how we are going to clean up, and then around 4pm we get off the couch and do some dishes. Exciting, huh? Well this time around there were plans written on the calendar! Saturday I attended a bridal shower thrown by my dear friend Aimee. We hadn't seen each other in quite some time so it was fun to get together and talk! Saturday night Dustin and I made an ever exciting trip to Sam's Club. No really, we love being there. We could shop for hours!'

Brooke stayed home to play with Daddy
Aimee and I

Molly came along as well

Sunday we headed down to a family friend's lake house for the day. We ate lunch out on the deck in the BEAUTIFUL weather and watched all the tubers and jet skiiers come by. After lunch we were able to head out on the boat. Dustin and I took Brooke on the tube and we went slow enough not to bounce around but fast enough to stay above the water. Brooke seemed to like it at first and then fell asleep on Dustin's lap. Yes, you read that correctly. She fell asleep out on the tube. Crazy girl. I wish I would have gotten to do some fun tubing but alas we were left behind at the house with the kiddos. Mothers are always an after thought. Did I mention that I spent my bow money on things for Brooke, instead of saving it for an exercise program I want.

We got this last minute at Sam's Club for $5!

Out on the tube


1. McFatty Monday will return next week!
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Em said...

I love the earrings! It was a beautiful weekend. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

lena said...

You look beautiful! Always fun to get dressed up and hang out with the ladies. Glad you had such a fun weekend.