Monday, August 30, 2010

Get to know ME!

Thanks to Jena I can now relive my high school survey days. Seriously, I used to do dozens of these a week even though they had all the same questions mixed up in different ways.

The FUN Questions:

- Jacob or Edward? Edward. I find book Jacob obnoxious.
- Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus? Miley Cyrus. Girl has some awesome hair.
- Flip Flops or Sneaks? Flip flops, more because I am lazy
- Cook at home or go out? I cook about 5-6 nights a week. Eating out is expensive.
- How long can you stand your house being a mess before you clean it? 24 hours or less, with the exception of our bedroom.
- Warm weather or cold weather? COOL weather, specifically FALL
- Last minute or plan ahead? I love when we are prepared for a boring Friday/Saturday night and someone calls us up to go out last minute.
- If you were given a million dollars what would you do with the money FIRST? (Be honest!) :) My more serious answer would be to tithe 10%. After that, I would pay off our school loans. I am not evening kidding. I hate paying out hundreds of dollars to Sallie Mae each month, and hate even more the fact that I will be doing so until I am 30. THEN I would buy out the local Target.
- Once your nail polish starts to come off, do you continue to pick at it until its all off or do you get out the nail polish remover and take it off ASAP? Neither. I never pick my polish off but I am horrible at getting out the nail polish remover, so it just slowly chips away on it's own. I should add that my finger nails have polish on them maybe twice a year.
- What color do you wear the most? Black or Gray
- Craziest spur-of-the-moment thing you've done? Bungee jumping
- Would you shave your head for $50,000? I would consider it. How about $5,000? No. How about $500? NO.
- You're starring in a new movie, what is your character name and tell us a little bit about her. Scarlett. I have no real reason behind this name other than I LOVE it. I would want to be in a dramatic romance. A modern day Romeo & Juliet type of story. I guess I picture my character similar to myself as I am in real life, except thinner, tanner, and funnier.

The "Favorite" Questions:

- Favorite Music? Anything with a great beat. I mainly listen to music when I am walking so I need something to get me moving.
- Favorite thing to wear? Sweatpants.
- Favorite thing to do by yourself? Walk.
- Favorite thing to do with Dustin? Play video games/board games. We can be quite amusing when teamed up in these situations. I am going to cheat and say two, we also love watching movies in bed together.
- Favorite thing to do with the girls? Shop? 99% of my girl outings include taking one or both of the girls so I can't think of much.
- Favorite Sister-in-law on Dustin's side? Who? Oh yeah.... JENA of course. The super-awesome, graphic designing, booty shaking, blond bomb shell down the street.
- Favorite Holiday? Thanksgiving. FOOD.
- Favorite candy? Those sour patch watermelons. SO addicting.
- Favorite Movie? I have so many. I think I could watch The Notebook over and over again. Star Trek more recently. [are your "nerd" alarms going off?]. Harry Potter. I am sure you were expecting me to say Twilight but it is hard to enjoy the movies after reading the books.
- Favorite Book? Redeeming Love. Hands down.
- Favorite Color? Green

The Serious Questions:

- What easily frustrates you? Relationships. I don't know how to expand on this thought with out writing a novel. Maybe in another post...
- What are your pet peeves? Dirty kitchens, mouth noises, Dustin's socks all over the living room, people rolling through stop signs... the important things.
- If you could redo one thing in your life what would it be? My freshman year of college. I wouldn't exactly change it, it was just one of the best years of my life.
- Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Jumping up and down and screaming for joy because BOTH of my girls are gone for the day at school. Is that mean? Possibly student loan debt is gone. We are starting to take steps toward buying/building our dream home, stronger relationships with family and friends, new friendships have formed. I am thin, tan, and have had a boob lift......
- What is/are your biggest fear/s? Not getting to watch my girls grow up or my girls not having a mother growing up.
- If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Italy. I want to see my ancestral roots!
- If you were stranded on a deserted island for 2 weeks and could only bring 3 personal items (no electronics) and 3 people, what 3 items and which 3 people would you bring? Items: Sunscreen, a 24 pack of Diet Pepsi, and the Harry Potter box set of books. Does that count as one item? People: Ryan Reynolds, Cam Gigandet, Zac Efron. What?!
- If you could fix one thing that you know you will never be able to fix, what would it be? My eyebrows, I can't make them grow back.
- Money aside, what would you do with your life? Where would you live? Would you work? If so, what would you want to do? I would want to have 4 children, preferably twin boys next so I could get it over with at once. I want to be healthy and happy, and I want my husband and children to be healthy and happy. I want to have strong relationships with friends and family. I want to be less anxious and more free spirited. I would probably stay just where we are. Indiana has grown on me a little and even though here are still some things about living here that bother me, they aren't important. I would like to work once all of our children are in school, preferably as a 4th grade teacher so I have summers and holidays off. If not I would sit home and scrapbook all day.

Any last comments?

I was way too excited to fill this survey out. What an awesome mixture of questions for me to answer. Thanks Jena! I think YOU should fill this out and send it back to me.

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