Friday, September 3, 2010

Your Three Words

Labor Day Weekend

I know those aren't the most exciting words but they are all I could think of in relation to this weekend. Dustin has off on Monday but he is going into work tomorrow, so does it really count? I would rather just come out and be honest, this weekend is going to be a disappointing one. Just like most of our weekends. The amount of stress I feel right now has caused an uncomfortable lump to form in my throat. You know that feeling where you just need a break but you know you probably won't get one for a really long time? I have it.

To add some positive to this post, here are some newer pictures of the girls!

Big smiles from Brookie!

Molly's "What the heck Mom!" face

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Tessa said...

I'm hopping over from Jenni's blog. Your girls are adorable! I hope you are able to get some relaxing in this weekend. :)

jenni said...

Your girls are so pretty! Have a great weekend mama and thanks for playing!