Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some Answers Pt. 2

Loving Mommy asked:

1. Do you have a daily routine with your girls? If so what is it?

I like to call my daily routine "organized chaos". We do have certain activities we do on a daily basis. Every morning when I open Brooke's door she puts her paci on the dresser and says "Thank you! Diapee change?" I get her dressed and bring her out to the main room for breakfast, which is normally a waffle, a banana, and milk. Sometimes Molly joins us for this, sometimes she is still sleeping. We alternate TV and playtime in the morning [Brooke has a few favorite shows we watch on PBS]. Sometimes we go out and run errands to Target or Meijer, which doesn't happen often now that I have two! Lunch is around 12:30 and I try to start Brooke's nap around 1pm. She doesn't really nap much anymore so I make her have at least 1-2 hours of quiet time. Mommy needs a break too! When Dustin comes home Brooke revolves around him for the night. They play outside together, take walks together, and he does her whole bedtime routine. Her bedtime routine includes a bath, milk and bed time stories, brushing her teeth, and then her falling asleep on the floor. Molly doesn't really have a schedule just yet so I can't really include her in much of this.

2. What do you think is the hardest thing about 2 under 2?

Not having enough time. I used to get things done during Brooke's naps/quiet time but now there is a 50/50 chance that Molly will be awake during that time. She also prefers to be held when awake so chores are often left undone.

3. Is it harder or easier than you thought?

Right now it is easier. I still mange to run errands even if sometimes I want to leave the store in chores. I still manage to do dishes and clean bathrooms. And somehow I still mange to keep my sanity despite waking up 3-4 times each night.

4. What's the hardest thing about being a SAHM to 2 under 2?

Well, this just seems like a repeat of #2. :) With the SAHM aspect I would say just not having much adult time. I spent part of my day trying to have a normal conversation with Brooke and interpret her answers. The rest of my day is spent gooing and gahing at Molly.

5. How are your girls alike/different?

Well, so far they baby stage has been pretty similar. Molly has acid reflux [that requires medication] just like Brooke did. Molly is a bit high maintenance just like Brooke was. Molly is a boob girl, just like Brooke was. Molly has the cutest smile, just like Brooke did and still does. Differences? They look nothing alike.

Laura asked:

Does Brooke get jealous of Molly sometimes? If yes, what does she do and how do you handle it?

Not really. She has yet to act out because of Molly, or attempt to hit/push her. For the most part if Dustin is holding Molly and Brooke wants him to do something she will pat the baby bouncer and say, "Baby down". Brooke could care less about what I am doing with Molly. I am interested to see how this changes as Molly gets older and more interactive.

How did you lose the baby weight (for future reference for me personally.)?

Oh stop, you will be the cutest pregnant lady ever! But really, with Brooke it just took time. I lost weight in increments and it didn't seem to matter how much I exercised or tried to eat well. I lost all 40lbs just before Brooke turned 1. With Molly I still have about 15-20lbs to lose but I am being patient this time around. I know it will happen eventually. Of course I still eat well and exercise when I can, a little effort goes a long way!

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