Monday, September 13, 2010

All out of sorts...

I logged on to my blog this weekend to find the design all messed up. There was a photobucket error message even though I don't have any background images. I removed some codes I didn't recognize and in the process ruined my table settings and background color, so it is a little bland right now. I'll fix it sometime this week if I can figure it out. Hopefully the white isn't blinding anyone!

Our weekend was pretty good. Friday we went out with friends for pizza and ice cream. Saturday I went shopping at Old Navy. [Sidenote: They are having their baby sale this week so get over there if you can!] The majority of our weekend was filled with football. Unfortunately all of the teams we were rooting for lost. And when you have a family that favors three different pro teams and one college team, that is pretty disappointing. Thankfully is was a good week for my fantasy football team though.

Also, if you notice to the left I am having a major sale on bows and headbands. Everything is majorly cheap, and not because they are bad quality... but because I want my craft cabinet emptied!

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