Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Flying Rat

I'm convinced that there is a flying rat in our bedroom. Dustin however, refuses to believe that and assures me is it a moth. I still don't believe him.

Late last night I was sitting at the desk in our bedroom, the only light coming from the glow of the computer monitor since Dustin was trying to sleep. I was happily minding my own business, working on my soon-to-be best selling novel, when something zipped past my head. It was silent of course, but I caught site of it's large body as it bounced off the computer screen. I was thinking, Just your imagination Jess, you're tired.

Back to typing I went.

A minute or two later something straight out of a horror movie landed in my lap. And since I don't wear pants to bed, your welcome for that little tidbit of information, all I felt was a large, furry body on my thigh.

I froze.Italic
It started to crawl up my leg.

I squealed and knocked it away, pulling off some inept dive move to jump into bed and landing on top of Dustin. Since he can fall asleep in a matter of seconds, he started moaning and grumbling, wondering why the heck I was jumping on top of him.

Me: There is an evil bug/rat thing over my the computer.

Dustin: What makes you think it is evil? Because this would be anyone's natural response.

Me: It tried to crawl up my shirt. I was whispering at this point in case the flying rat could hear us.

Dustin: Maybe it is just perverted.

After I smacked him once or twice he got out of bed and turned the light on. Nothing.

Me: I swear there is a flying rat over here. Notice this time I gave up on the bug theory.

Dustin: Or maybe just a moth?

Me: Doubt it

If you read my rabbit post, you know that we have a history with evil creatures.

I was standing close by his side during this, doing my own searching, when he thought it would be a great time to joke and start searching my hair for this flying rat. Not cool DMill, not cool. Eventually he turned off the light and crawled into bed. I followed, but chose to plant myself in the very center of the bed and clasp my arms around my legs. I was going to sit and watch for this flying rat, but alas, it never showed.

I finally laid down and told Dustin that if I woke up with a bug in my mouth it was his fault to which he responded. "Then don't sleep with your mouth open."