Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When Rabbits Attack

Last Thursday night around 11pm, we were all in bed. I was reading my Nook and Dustin was playing on his iPod. Suddenly we hear a bang in the basement. Naturally I tell Dustin to get the bat and I grab my phone to dial 911 but he stops me. We hear a second bang and curiosity gets the best of me. The bang came from the basement but near the egress window so I first went and turned on the back light and stuck my head out the door. There were a few rabbits hopping around out backyard so I wondered if maybe one got stuck.

I went down to the basement, 911 set on my phone still of course, and discover I was correct. Dustin comes down and sighs when he realizes that I am going to make him save the rabbit. He decides to open up the glass part of the egress window a bit but didn't anticipate that it would spook the rabbit. The rabbit went crazy, jumping everywhere, and landing against the window. Dustin yells "Jimminy Christmas!" and runs away yelling "It went for my juglar!"

So now I am on the basement floor crying I am laughing so hard. I tell him to go outside with a laundry basket and put it over the rabbit, and then we can slide cardboard underneath and lift it out to free it. Well the rabbit had leaned up against the wall by now so I opened the screen an inch or two to poke it with a stick. Well, Dustin is about a second from trapping it when it goes crazy AGAIN.

It pulls off some Harry Potter double decker bus move [or I don't have any bones move for non HP fans] and slips through the inch of window open. I am screaming my head off standing on a stack of drywall holding a broom. Dustin comes bursting out of the window and quickly shuts the door to the upstairs. He ran to the back of the basement because he was afraid it would get into the storage area and then we would never find it.

We finally got it cornered and somehow into a box. We then slid plexiglass to trap it, then wrapped it in 3 blankets and duct taped it. We took it upstairs, out the front door, and I hid inside while Dustin let it loose. It got cut somewhere so there is blood all over our basement and my blankets. Ugh.

When it was over Dustin goes "You are supposed to be Miss Steve Irwin, the animal lover, and there you are standing on a stack of drywall screaming like a little girl"

We decided it was like Tangled [pictured above] when she jumps on his back and he is like "Stay calm... it can probably smell fear"


Jess said...

I about died laughing at the juglar part!! Poor bunny.

Dance4JC said...

oh my gosh how funny!!! hahahhahaha

ytryeyre said...

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