Monday, December 6, 2010

Picture with Santa

Sometime last week I decided that this past weekend I was going to attempt a picture with Santa. we didn't do one with Brooke the Christmas before but I really wanted one with the girls together while they were young. Saturday we had a Santa test run at Dustin's company Christmas party. When Brooke went up to get her gift from Santa she leaned into Dustin and refused to go near him. Later she told me that "Santa is scarwy". The next day I decided to give it a go anyway. We got up to the Santa in our mall and there were no lines, and no one already getting their picture taken. The man dressed as Santa leaned forward with some reindeer bells and asked Brooke if she wanted to see them. She slowly walked about to touch the bells and then quickly made friends with Santa. I think it helped that she got to know him before taking a picture with him.

Check out this goofball smile...