Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Update: Now BOTH Brooke and Molly have the stomach flu and they are both currently sleeping it off, so I thought this would be a good time to write a new post.

Since Christmas is only 5 days away I thought I would write a post about Christmas Traditions. Traditions I grew up with, and new traditions.

1. Christmas cookies. Until I entered high school I really had no idea not everyone spent a week baking Christmas cookies during the holidays. My mom and I, okay really just my mom, would bake 6-8 different types of cookies every year. My main job was to unwrap candy and taste the batter. My favorite cookies were always the Spritz cookies. My mom used a cookie gun to shape them and I would get to decorate them with sprinkles and such. She even got me a cookie gun at my bridal shower so I could make my own Spritz cookies every year. I can't wait to make them this week!

2. The Christmas tree. I'll admit it, we have a fake tree. I spotted it at Target last year and begged Dustin for it. It is easy to put together, doesn't make a mess, and I don't have to water it to keep it semi-alive. Maybe one year we'll venture to the tree farm. On to our tree. I don't like matchy matchy trees. I don't want a theme, all the same color, or matching wrapping paper. I love a hodge podge of Hallmark ornaments, handmade ornaments, and fun wrapping paper.

3. Hallmark ornaments. Growing up we got a new ornament each year. It was always fun to set up the tree each year and see all of the different ornaments we collected that fit our personalities. Dustin and I have even started our own mini collection, along with ornaments for the girls. I love it!

4. Stockings. I know not every one does stockings but they were big in my family growing up. My Mammy sewed a stocking for everyone in the family and embroidered ours names on them. It was always fun to finish opening gifts, eat a big breakfast, and then open our stockings. My parents still bring my stocking out to Indiana when they visit, along with a stocking for Dustin.

5. Christmas pajamas. This is a new tradition that Dustin and I want to start. On Christmas Eve we will get each other a new pair of pajamas and wear them on Christmas [because who doesn't love opening presents in their pajamas].

What are YOUR favorite Christmas traditions?


Kristin said...

You would love our tree, there is nothing matchy matchy about it. haha. Both me and Dave have our ornaments from when we were growing up.

Steve Finnell said...

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