Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Tour

Do not fret, pictures from Christmas morning will be coming soon. I took so many that I need to narrow it down! I meant to do this last week but got caught up, so today I am going to do a Christmas Tour. 3 days after Christmas...

First I need to show off this wreath that I made last night. I waited for the after Christmas sales and still couldn't find a deal on a wreath I liked. SO I decided to save some money and get crafty. $9 and some hot glue later, I have a brand new wreath for the inside of our front door!

Our tree

Brooke's 1st Christmas ornament, with the stock picture still in it

A skiing dachshund for Jake

ESPN Elves

My secret santa from my online forum got me this! BEST ORNAMENT EVER!

Our new personalized stockings

A giant ornament above the dining room table. See me in the reflection?

The flower arrangement I put together. I matched the wreath to it.

Our Willow Tree Nativity set

Brooke and Molly's Little People Nativity set


molly said...

Oh my gosh, it's all soooo pretty. You MUST tell me where you got those personalized stockings. I really want to order some now for next year :)

Jennifer said...

Love the stockings :) I almost ordered a few more in case I add to our family because I LOVE THEM.

And your nativity is awesome.

Jessica said...

Molly- The stockings are from Walmart. Well, I have seen them other places but I ordered them on Walmart.com and had them shipped to a local store for free.

Jennifer- I saw you had the same ones! I am tempted to order one more blank one just in case we decide to have a third baby.

Christie said...

I LOVE that Little People Nativity set! I'll have to find that for my girls :)