Thursday, December 2, 2010

O Christmas Tree

I put up almost all of our Christmas decorations before we left for Philly and as soon as we returned I was itching to put up the tree. In fact, our bags laid unpacked in our bedroom while Dustin made the numerous trips to the basement to bring up the tree, the ornaments, and our stockings. I LOVE putting up the Christmas tree. I love the hodge podge of Hallmark ornaments we have collected over the years, and I love that Brooke and Molly get to continue that tradition with us. Although with all the Target ornament sales I hit last year, we may need a second tree to fit them all!

Of course I took pictures of the event! Molly slept through it all [in fact she slept from 5pm to 5am that night] so I took a picture of her and Brooke in front of the tree together in the morning.

She handed Dustin the ornaments to put up high. I love the way she is look at him.

She did really well. She hasn't even touched the tree since!

She put up with the hat for one picture

Sisters the next morning


molly said...

Those photos are SO sweet! What kind of camera/lens do you have. Your photos are so clear and beautiful.

Caroline said...

Tell Brooke we're putting our tree up on Sunday. We can always use an adorable helper or two!

jenni said...

It looks beautiful!!! Good job mama.

And your girls are too cute for words.