Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sweet Girl

I realize that lately I have been creating post after post of pregnancy related thoughts. I am sure it is riveting to all of you (don't tell me the truth) and I love to talk about the changes I am going through, and to share in this journey with readers.

But, somewhere in there I have forgotten a very special little girl. Well, not forgotten...

It is amazing to me how much Brooke has grown since her first birthday party. She has such an awesome personality and is one busy little girl. Her hair is growing like a weed and is very curly when wet, so I have a feeling she is taking after her momma there! We go tomorrow for a well visit and I cannot wait to see how tall she is now. Don't let that fool you though, our little peanut can still wear some 9 month clothes.

She has several words; Dada, Papa, Dog, Uh-oh, Mama, Baby (bah-beh), Ball, are her standard words. Even though we cannot understand her she likes to stand on boxes and tell animated stories using facial expressions and arm movements. Sometimes we leave it up for interpretation, sometimes we commentate. She can point to several of her body parts and is absolutely thrilled when we ask to see her "Bee-boo" (belly button). She likes to lift her shirt high and show it off.

She loves to sleep in and take long naps during the day, which her momma is thankful for. She will try almost any food you put in front of her but will definitely let you know if she doesn't like it. Her staples are chicken, cheese, and applesauce!

Our sweet little girl, soon to be big sister.


jenni said...

She is just too cute!

kace said...

she is beautiful! i love her curls:)