Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some Answers

If you click on the "formspring.me JessMill" above the question box it will take you to my profile. There you can see all of the questions I have answered!

How many kids do you guys want?

Dustin has always wanted two while I have always wanted three. Now that we found out we are having another girl, he is already talking about trying for a boy. Victory!

how did you do this?! :D so cool.

I signed up at formspring.me and found a widget to put on my Blog! It was pretty easy and I am hoping people actually use it. :)

Are the girls going to be in separate rooms, or will they be sharing the nursery?

They will have separate rooms for now. We have a three bedroom house so we will be sacrificing our guest room, but I think it is important for Brooke to have her own space right now. Someday they may share bunk beds though!

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