Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1 Day Left!

Notice that my Gender Poll has 1 day left! 1 day! Technically it is more like 1 and a half days but we won't blame the technology. I chose to have the poll close at 12:01am Friday "morning" because our ultrasound is at 8:30am and I will have no energy to shut it off myself.

Today is the day I wanted the ultrasound. I should be thankful that it is so soon, and already here, but I really wanted it to be on Dustin's birthday. When we found out with Brooke we found out on my birthday so I thought it would be special to do the same for him. And I mean, how often can this happen!?

In the end, it has been a good thing it is on Friday because that is when we will celebrate his birthday with family. Also, I am currently recovering from pink eye and my eyes look like Vaseline dispensers. Yeah, apparently when you are pregnant they cannot prescribe you the normal eye drops, so instead I am left to put cream in my eye lids.

Moral of this post: Get your votes in! Oh, and expect an 18 week post tomorrow!

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