Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's A....


Yesterday morning Dustin and I got up bright and early to head to our ultrasound. The machine is actually IN our doctor's office so I had an appointment as well where the doctor did a normal check up and looked over our ultrasound pictures.

Anyway, I was too excited to eat anything but I did take a few sips of Diet Pepsi to give the baby a little boost. We got there on time, checked in, and were called back pretty quickly to start the ultrasound. Now, one thing I must mention (and something I love) is that our office does not require you to drink 32 ounces of water before they start. She even had me go to the bathroom right before hand so I was comfortable!

She entered my information in and got started right away, pointing out different body parts. At one point she took a picture of the umbilical cord insertion and I swore we could see right between the legs. I knew at that point, we were definitely having a little girl. And sure enough, a few minutes later, she said she was able to look if we wanted and she is 99.9% girl! (She isn't allowed to say 100%)

The rest of the ultrasound was spent taking the necessary measurements and watching our baby girl move all over the place. She was wild! She started face up and breech, which is how you see her in the picture above, and ended face down and head down! The best part was that every time she moved on the ultrasound I felt her kicking me and bouncing around.

Now some more somber news, but don't get worried! Baby girl has a cyst on the left side of her brain and we are told it is very common in babies. Almost all of them will be reabsorbed before the baby is born but just in case we will go back around 30 weeks for another ultrasound. I felt very peaceful about the situation and just know our little girl with be perfect.

So if you guessed GIRL in the poll, you were right!


lena said...

I guessed boy! But oh so excited for you. What's better then one baby girl? Two of em! I'm sure she's going to be just fine but I'll be keeping her in my thoughts. Congrats.

jenni said...

Congrats mama! I was surprised to hear our tech say she was 100% sure we were having a girl. I didn't think they said that, lol.

You girls will be so lucky to have each other. Sisters are the BEST. <3

Mommy Moreno from said...

Yayyy!! I was right!! :D CONGRATS!!!!
~from another Jessica with 2 awesome girls!

Alisa said...

Congrats, I am also having another little girl!