Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Weekend

We had such a busy, yet fun weekend! Friday night we went to a baseball game at the local high school. Dustin's dad is an assistant coach for a local high school -- the high school Brooke will attend when we move -- so we went and showed some support. After wards we headed to visit with Dustin's friend Kevin, his wife Brittany, and their little girl Brylee. They just moved back from Colorado and we are excited to have more parent friends, especially since Brylee is just a few days younger than Brooke. Saturday morning we woke up at 6:30am and went to a large garage sale. SO. EARLY. I did get a radio flyer wagon, among some other smaller things, and Dustin's sister bought us a bench for our new front porch! That night Kevin and Brittany came over for a BBQ and games. Today -- are you tired of reading yet? -- we went to lunch at TGI Fridays and then furniture shopping. When we got home we watch Kung Fu Panda while Brooke took a 2 hour nap. 2 hours!

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