Friday, April 3, 2009

Good News, kind of.

Okay, so, rewind to a week ago when we headed to the doctor for supposed belly and ear aches. After checking Brooke out and listening to the symptoms, the Pediatrician diagnosed her with Rotavirus. Poor girl! She had horrible stomach cramping and the smelliest poop... I had to leave her room gagging at one point. We were given the okay to go to Philly and it looked like she was getting better... but she had another bought of diarhhea on Monday. I made an appointment to bring her in and have her weight checked because she has not gained weight since her 4 month appointment. She was up to 13 pounds, which means she is gaining and not losing, and it looks like the Rotavirus may be on the way out! Cross your fingers!

I will say that it has been really hard for me to see Brooke not gain weight. I know she was 4 weeks early and may be on the smaller side, but she is still wearing 0-3 clothes at almost 6 months. The doctor did not seem worried, which reassured me, as she is hitting milestones at a normal pace and is already sitting unassisted. So, if you think of it, pray that the Rotavirus will completely disappear and that she starts gaining some weight!

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