Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Consignment Shops

We have a consignment shop nearby called Once Upon A Child. I am pretty sure they are a partner with Plato's Closet since they are right next door to each other! Well, I packed up some of Brooke's old clothes and picked out a few I would not be using again. I stopped by Once Upon A Child today to drop them off and end up gaining 11 dollars. The rest will be going to a local mother's shelter! Anyway, I took some time to browse their toys and found a really neat Fisher Price table. They retail for $50 and this one was priced at $15, gently used. Well, paired with the $11 I got back for her clothes... I was able to get her the table for $4!!

1 comment:

The Gardners said...

Great find!!

You're not keeping the clothes for baby #2??