Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

I have always wanted to come up with a good April's Fool joke, but I am always unable to commit. Each year, as it draws closer, I usually search for other people's ideas, since I cannot come up with my own. Here are some ideas, and why they would fail...

1. Tell Dustin I am pregnant: Did you know that Ebay sells pregnancy tests that always show up positive? What a great way for a teenage girl to really freak out her parents! Well, I thought about using this one on Dustin but 1. I think he would know, considering he is involved. 2. If for some reason he believed me, I am not sure if he would recover.

2. Tell family that I am pregnant: Just like the above idea but with a twist! I even mentioned this to Dustin last month, which threw out the idea of number one, but he said that he does not think his family would recover from it. I guess I could see that.

3. Wake Dustin up and tell him I heard someone. First, I would probably scare myself with this lie... and, who wants to be the girl that cried wolf?! Also, considering it took him 5 minutes to wake up fully before he understood, "My water broke, we need to go to the hospital" chances are, he wouldn't be phased. Oh, and one more reason, we have a housemate.

4. Rubber band around the sink hose. This one has been used for generations! This is great, except I use the sink 95% of the time, and chances are high that I would forget and squirt myself in the face.

5. Out of order sign on the elevator. Okay, if I worked in a building a couple stories up, this would be so worth it. I would love to sit at my desk and watch people huff and puff it up the stairs. People are so lazy these days!

And that is all I got for now. Lame, I know. No creativity flowing here today, too much lack of sleep!

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