Monday, October 11, 2010

McFatty Monday & Updates

Has it almost been two weeks since I have posted? I think that may be a record. September and October always prove to be very busy months for us. We are in the process of finishing our basement, Brooke's birthday is this week, and we have plenty of Fall activities planned before the weather turns too cold to leave the house.

I bring a McFatty Monday update though. I haven't really been working out. Last week I did take a walk almost every week and since this week will be just as night, I plan to do it again. I have also been trying to curb my night time eating and I have been mostly successful. Weekends are the hardest since we tend to eat junk. Good news though! Since the last time I posted I have lost 4 more pounds! That puts me at a total of 9 since I started, and almost 30 total since having Molly. 10 more pounds to go.

And just because it has been awhile, I will put some pictures in this post as well...

My sweet Brooke who will be 2 on Friday!

Miss. Drooly

She is such a little flirt...

And a funny...

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jenni said...

Pretty girls!

Brookie looks like she has brown eyes but Molly has blue... do you think she'll keep them??

Carter and Brynn both have light blue eyes, which is odd b/c both DH and I have light brown eyes! My mom and her 8 brothers and sisters (and their parents, etc.) all have light blue eyes though so I guess that's where they got them!

Jessica said...

Brooke has hazel eyes like mine. In fact, they are exact replicas of mine. So far it looks like Molly is going to have blue eyes, and DH has green eyes so they aren't from there. The only person in our family with blue eyes is my mom, and all of her siblings have blue eyes as well. :)