Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brooke's 2nd Birthday Party

I have sat down at the computer every day since Friday to write this post and each time I have gotten up and walked away less than 5 minutes later. The prospect of uploading and inserting a dozen pictures made me tired just thinking about it! I could write a new post twice a day but they aren't any good without the pictures too accompany them. But today I bit the bullet. The computer is in the room where Molly naps, which poses another problem because that is when I could normally blog, so I am currently feeding her while doing this. Super mom!

We had Brooke's birthday a week ago, on Sunday, and it was a success! I chose to have a zebra print theme with hot pink accents, mainly because she already had the perfect party outfit to match. From there it was easy. I designed the invitations myself using a picture I took of her at 22 months, I ordered the cake from family friends who have an AMAZING cake business, I found zebra print balloons to decorate with, and everything else just fell into place. About a week before the party we started to get anxious about the prospect of fitting everyone into our home. We are in the process of finishing our basement so soon we'll have more room, but until then we have tight living quarters. Thankfully Dustin's parents offered up their home to us to use and since all the party guests knew just where their home was, it was easy to make the switch.

Brooke and her cake

Our little family

Grammy matched the cake!

Molly and her boyfriend Graham

Brooke and Brylee

Opening gifts

The girls

Brooke and her Aunt Jena

Brooke and Teagan

Brooke and James

Her kitchen from Grammy and Poppy!

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Caroline said...

so cute! you did a great job jess!

Alisa said...

I luv your theme! The cake and everything was super cute.

robert said...

Wow!!!! Amazing party and nice images post in this blog and so cute cake and decoration in this birthday party...

Birthday Party Decoration

Steph said...

Cute pics. Happy 2nd birthday to Brooke.

Julie said...

Hey Jessica :)

Call me crazy, but I saw your comment on Ashley's (the stauffer shenanigan's) blog and I am the designer to made her page. Feel free to check me out:

I'd love to work with you!

mare said...

beautiful kids and awesome party!

The Adventures of Princess Zaria said...

The cake matched her outfit or vice versa. Cute. I also used to be a baby photographer at a hospital. That was a great job. Low pay but who who go to work upset to take pictures of babies? My favorite was pictures of twins. Nice post. I will visit again:)

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