Monday, March 10, 2014

33 Weeks

I was 33 weeks on Thursday.... Friday.... ???

Who keeps track of these things the third time around? ;)

The above picture was taken Saturday at my baby "sprinkle". My sister-in-law and two of my good friends threw me a diaper shower and it was wonderful and so much fun! There were fun activities and a headband making station. My friends and family sure spoiled me with diapers and some extra goodies.

The loot. Dustin and I counted 1,286 diapers and about 2000 wipes. 

Obligatory shower picture.

I'm suddenly in "panic" mode*. But panicking for me doesn't really look any different than my laid back self except my calendar gets fuller. The hospital bag[s] are packed, and I am making a list of things that won't go in until it's time in case someone else needs to get the bag for me. The last two times we were fortunate enough to be home. Although with Brooke I was 36 weeks and had no idea what was going on so my sister-in-law ended up needing to bring everything I forgot.

*I know a lot of you are like "Um, you are 33.5 weeks" but if you haven't been here before, Brooke came at 36 weeks and Molly came at 37 weeks... so we have to be prepared!

I'm super uncomfortable. I know I shouldn't complain, but things are getting rough physically. My SPD has really prohibited me from moving about easily. This is probably the first pregnancy I've actually been waddling. Most days, I limp. So if you seen me in Target limping, I didn't injure my leg, my hip and pubic bones just don't want to cooperate. When I get out of bed my hip pops in and out of place, which is generally painful. I also have "omgsomuchpressure" down there. Some days I feel like I'm being ripped in half... which is more of a reason to spend extra time in bed. 

I have lots of braxton hicks contractions through out the day. I can be sitting, walking, driving, standing, showering.... and they happen. Another new pregnancy ailment. Mostly they are just annoying. I've experienced real contractions twice and know the real pain will happen soon enough.

That sounds like a lot of complaints, but things have been wonderful too. The girls are getting really excited about their baby sister. Every time I leave the house with out them they ask, "Are you going to get the baby out now?" Which, by the way, we've been able to avoid the HOW the baby comes out explanation. Right now saying "The doctor will take her out" seems to hold them over. 

I have a short list of things to get done before she comes. 

1. Get a prenatal massage
2. Get a pedicure [after full-term for hopefully moving labor along]
3. Get the house professionally cleaned
4. Finish my book
5. Have some girls nights out with my friends. Convincing Dustin to stay home two nights a month with a newborn will be impossible. 

Rough, huh?

My next post I need to do nursery pictures. And maybe some of her adorable outfits.

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