Monday, January 3, 2011


A McFatty Monday of sorts.

I am starting back up with my weight loss goal. I want to lose 15-20 pounds by summer. This is less "New Years resolution" and more "Holy crap, I need to be a bathing suit this summer." We are headed to North Carolina for a week in August and I would like to be proud to be seen in a bathing suit. Not spending my week in a cover-up. I started Chalene's Turbo Jam this morning and I am hoping to see good results by the end of the first month.

So if you remember THIS post, I was just starting up. Since then I have lost about 8-9 pounds but have been maintaining that for awhile.

The beginning

5 pounds down

8 pounds down

So, here is to 10 more pounds by Spring!


Jennifer said...

I'm right there with ya - but I need to lose it by April!

Caroline said...

you look great lady. even though 8 lbs doesn't sound like a huge number you look so much different. the post baby belly swelling is definitely gone. and yay... mine is just about to begin. ugh.

anyway you look fab and you'll totally rock that swimsuit this summer!

Lyndsay said...

And, where might this 15-20 lbs be coming from? Your hair? :) Seriously I would have to lose about 40 lbs to look as good as you.

molly said...

You look great!

Jessica said...

Thanks everyone. I promise there is weight that needs to come off!

Lauren said...

Maybe I missed it... but what are you doing to lose the weight? You look great! I just joined WW and am hoping the new PointPlus helps me lose the baby weight. Thanks!!