Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy 7 Months Molly!

Molly turned 7 months on Saturday! I am not sure how much she weighs or how tall she is, but I'll get around to measuring her soon. She is wearing 6 months clothes and I think she is getting really close to breaking into the 9 month jammies. She is very content to sit on the floor and play with her toys all day long but it seems that as soon as dinner time rolls around, she wants to be held until bed time.

She likes to roll around the room to get places and seems to have no interest in crawling any time soon. She doesn't even get up on all fours yet, but that is just fine by me!

She babbles a lot, saying "Dadada" "Mamama" "Bababa" "Papapa."

She has had solids a few times since turning 6 months but she really doesn't get it so we haven't been adamant about giving them to her. It is amazing how lazy you can become with the second child!

She sleeps like a champ. When it is time for a nap or bed time all you have to do it lay her down and turn on her sea horse. She doesn't take a paci or suck her thumb, which will make our lives easier in the future.

Molly is such a joy and I love her sweet smiles. I could kiss her cheeks all day long. I think she is one of my favorite ages and Dustin and I are excited to watch her grow and develop.


molly said...

She's just beautiful. I love her rosey cheeks and all the backgrounds you use for your photos!

Dana said...

I started following your blog from The Bump, I hope you don't mind! I was wondering what you use to make the "floor" of your backgrounds shiny like that? P.S. Both of your girls are such dolls!!

Caroline said...

she is just adorable!!

Jessica said...

Thanks. :)

The "floor" is a piece of Plexiglass I picked up at Lowes.

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