Monday, January 24, 2011

Young Adult Literature

So I have this goal to write a Young Adult novel before I turn 30. Whether it will happen or not, who knows, but I still want to try it. Anyway, I have read maybe ten YA novels this year alone [24 days in] and I can't even count the number I read last year. Here is what I have learned...

one. You need a tall, dark, and extremely handsome hero. Bonus points if he is immortal in some way.

two. The lead female must be weak, play hard to get with the hero at first but then fall for him, be overly plain looking and somewhat clingy.

three. The lead female must have a group of friends she grows apart from for the hero.

four. The hero has no friends.

five. The lead female needs to constantly compare herself to the hero, making sure to state on numerous occasions how she doesn't deserve him.

six. The hero must have a dark past, something he shares with his love to make himself seem lesser.

seven. The lead female needs to almost die at least twice. Bonus points if she does die and he brings her back to life.

eight. There needs to be at least three books in the series and each one must include some sort of strong force getting in the way of this couple.

nine. Most of the happenings cannot make sense, because this is a fantasy world remember.

The laws of science don't apply.

Good. Now I can get started.


Kearsta said...

Do you have any recommendations? I love YA lit.

Jessica said...

The more recent series I have read that I LOVED were...

1. Hunger Games series
2. Percy Jackson series [and the Lost Hero]
3. The Mortal Instruments series
4. Clockwork Angels series

I am currently reading the Gone series and it is out there, but a quick good read.

Becky :) said...

Let me know when you are published. I will be one of your first buyers :)

Anonymous said...

Read your list of "must haves" for a YA novel. I am a middle school teacher and I read pretty much exclusively young adult. I assure you they do not all have plots similar to Twilight. That has to be the most poorly written series I have ever read. Try the novels Schooled, Star Girl, and 13 Reasons.

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Dance4JC said...

I was laughing so hard when I read this! Thanks Jess! :) Thanks for recommendations too. Always looking for those.