Monday, March 29, 2010

26 Weeks

How far along? 26 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I braved the scale this morning and it looks like I am up to 15-16 pounds. BUT my parents were in town this weekend and we ate out for every meal, so that is bound to catch up with me.

Maternity clothes? I actually wore a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans with a bella band this weekend, but maternity clothes are much more comfortable!

Sleep: I sleep like a rock. Ask my husband who has been getting up with Brooke in the middle of the night. :)

Best moment this week: My parents brought me Tastykakes from Philly.

Food cravings: Lucky Charms

Gender: Girl

Movement: She has her ups and downs, today she is moving like crazy!

What I am looking forward to: Getting outside more with Spring

What I miss: Not feeling like my belly skin was going to split open

Milestones: I am this close to the third trimester.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baby Bedding

Dustin and I have decided it is probably a good idea to start clearing out the guest room and getting baby sister's nursery ready for her arrival. We have gone back and forth on what we want to do and at this point I am leaning towards a light blue paint with pink bedding. We also don't plan on spending very much on bedding this time around so here are two less expensive options. What do you think?

A cute patchwork bumper set

A polka dot one I like. It is more pink and brown but there are some light blue dots!

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Job

I got a new question on my Formspring and it is a good one!

What is your new job?

Well, whoever you are, my new job is very exciting! I am the Newborn Photographer at a local hospital. Basically, I go in and greet new moms in labor and delivery and take their baby's picture. We are required to take at least one face shot for security purposes but for the most part I do a full photo session. After the session is over I show mom the pictures and she can chose to order a a package or just order later on her own time. I love my job because I enjoy photography and I love getting to snuggle brand new babies each day... and then give them back when they cry.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

25 Weeks

Earlier this week I accidentally acquired a computer virus and Dustin was finally able to fix my computer tonight. Really, all I did was open up my Photobucket to upload pictures for Blogger and BAM! I have a virus. Odd.

Anyway, on Monday I reached 25 weeks in this pregnancy! I celebrated it by wearing sweat pants all day, not doing my hair, and staying away from my make up. Also, I think I could really use a tan. I'll have to make a point to lay out this summer before baby sister arrives.

Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Friday?

I wish I had more time to post this week! I started a new job on Monday and have been trying to adjust to being a mom, a wife, and working. Thankfully only my training was full week and now that I am starting on the schedule I will work 3-4 days. SO I will still be around.

It is in the 60s today and beautiful out so I am taking Brooke to the park to have a play date with her friend Brylee. Hopefully I will be able to get some good pictures to put on the blog, I need a good picture day.

I leave you with this.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

24 Weeks

... with an extra surprise! We got a mini van! Now, before all you haters start raising your eyebrows and spitting at the computer screen, this is what I wanted. I didn't even look at anything else. Originally we were open to anything that was classified as a mini van. Then as I started researching and reading reviews I decided either a Honda or Toyota would work best for our family. The last step was test driving and the minute I climbed into the Toyota Sienna I knew it was mine. It all amazingly fell into place at the right time and we found the price we wanted, the year we wanted, and ever the color I wanted!

How far along? 24 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I am not even sure anymore, I am not allowed to get on the scale. Maybe 14 pounds?

Maternity clothes? Getting there. The shirts still look too baggy but pants are working out.

Sleep: I can STILL sleep on my belly! What?! I do have pregnancy induced insomnia every now and then but I think it is preparation for what's to come with a newborn.

Best moment this week: We got a mini van!

Food cravings: Nothing recently. I have been eating Subway often though since it is close and convenient.

Gender: Girl

Movement: She is all over the place in there! At this point most of her movement feels like rolling instead of just kicks and punches.

What I am looking forward to: Warm weather!

What I miss: Margaritas.

Milestones: I don't know, I am 24 weeks?!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Like Mother...

... like daughter?

Last week I headed down to the BMV to get our new address put on my driver's license. You see, we moved 9 months ago and I like doing things in a timely fashion. While we were sitting across from the woman in charge of my address change, Brooke got antsy. And when I say antsy I mean flailing her arms and leg trying to get off my lap so she could run away. I grabbed the first thing I could from my purse, which happened to be my wallet, and shoved it into her arms.

Well, what did she do with it? Only what she has learned best from her mama. She opened it, removed my Kohls card, and swiped it through the credit card reader. I smiled meekly as the woman sitting next to me dropped her jaw, quickly shoved my card back in the wallet, and told Brooke that Kohls would not probably approve the payment for my new license.

Thankfully we were done filling out the necessary paperwork so I said my "Have a great day" and booked it out of there. Does anyone else find it odd that Dustin was NOT amused by this story?

Monday, March 8, 2010

23 Weeks!

I am 23 weeks pregnant! I had Dustin take my weekly picture as usual yesterday but he apparently forgot to focus. This one will have to be good enough! I promise there is a belly behind that pink sweater.

I have also reached the growth spurt part of pregnant. I am not going to go into detail about my weight gain but it was way more than anyone should ever gain in 4 weeks. My doctor let out a sigh and went on to reassure me it was okay, but that I should never do it again. Also, I can tell that just like her big sister, this little girl is setting up shop not only in my belly, but in my butt and thighs as well.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Show Us Your Life

I am dragging in the blogging world this week. I often read a blog called Kelly's Korner and she does a weekly "Show us your life" segment that I really enjoy. I thought maybe I could participate in one. :)

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

** 5:00am- Wake up and use the bathroom. :)

7:45am - Brooke is usually up and yelling at this point so I use the bathroom and stumble toward her nursery. She then refuses to leave her crib until I hand her the three pacifiers, three lovies, two blankets, and one sippy she threw over the side.

8:15am- Breakfast. Being the awesome mom I am I plop some cheerios or waffles on her step stool, give her a sippy cup of milk, and turn on PBS. We are regular Sid the Science Kid and Super Why watchers.

9:30am - We finally really wake up and we spend some time playing. Usually this consists of reading the first two to three pages of every book she has, screaming at the ball popper when her toothbrush stalls the motor, and pulling all of the clothes out of her drawers.

11:30am- I give Brooke lunch and quickly sprint around putting her clothes back in the drawers, fishing the toothbrush out of the ball popper, and shoving her books back in the bin.

12 noon- Nap time!

What my husband wants to hear: I spend the next 2-3 hours cleaning the bathrooms, doing the dishes, doing laundry, polishing the wood, changing the oil in my car...

What really happens: I sit down on one of my comfy bar stools, right here in front of the computer. I normally grab lunch at this point, especially now that I am pregnant and eat twice the amount of meals any other person eats. I blog, read other blogs, chat with online friends, search for adorable baby/toddler items, etc.

2:30pm (Brooke wakes up between 2 and 3 so we'll play it safe): Brooke wakes up talking up a storm and kicks the back of her crib until I come get her. Once again she refuses to leave her crib until I hand her the three pacifiers, three lovies, two blankets, and one sippy she threw over the side.

3:00pm- Afternoon activities vary from mall walking, to Target walking, to outdoor neighborhood walking. I like walking outside because it is great exercise and we both get some fresh air. Target is Brooke's favorite because she gets popcorn from Linda (we go enough to know all of the employee's names) and gets to see the smile on my face as I buy things.

5:00pm- We are home by 5 for out evening to start. Normally I turn on either The Wiggles or Barney and plop her on her step stool while I prepare dinner.

6:00pm- We normally eat dinner around this time but sometimes Dustin doesn't come home until 6:30. It is then his responsibility to chase Brooke while she pulls out all her books, jams the ball popper, and unfolds all her clothes. During this time I actually do clean up the kitchen, I don't like going to bed with a dirty kitchen!

7:45pm- Bath time, done by daddy, and bed time.

8pm-10pm- Dustin and I watch/catch up on our favorite TV shows.

10:00pm- I am in bed and reading a chapter or two in my latest book choice before I pass out for the night.

** optional occurrence

Monday, March 1, 2010

22 Weeks!

How far along?
22 weeks

Total weight gain/loss? I am afraid to talk about this! I was doing so well up until my ultrasound but in the past 3-4 weeks I have gained about 7-8 pounds. OH MY GOSH. I know it is apart of the pregnancy process but it is definitely shocking. That puts me around 10 total, depending on what the doctor's scale says. I should put my own scale away.

Maternity clothes? I wear a few. Dustin says they look kind of funny on me with the extra material around the belly, but I am figuring it all out.

Sleep: Doing well. I don't even wake up to use the bathroom yet!

Best moment this week: The snow melting a bit so I can walk and get some exercise.

Food cravings: Peanut butter. Maybe that explains my weight gain?

Gender: Precious baby girl.

Movement: Tons of movement, she is all over the place.

What I am looking forward to: Spring

What I miss: My body. I am not trying to sound selfish, I just do.

Milestones: Finally starting to look pregnant, but I can still sleep on my stomach and function normally.