Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Like Mother...

... like daughter?

Last week I headed down to the BMV to get our new address put on my driver's license. You see, we moved 9 months ago and I like doing things in a timely fashion. While we were sitting across from the woman in charge of my address change, Brooke got antsy. And when I say antsy I mean flailing her arms and leg trying to get off my lap so she could run away. I grabbed the first thing I could from my purse, which happened to be my wallet, and shoved it into her arms.

Well, what did she do with it? Only what she has learned best from her mama. She opened it, removed my Kohls card, and swiped it through the credit card reader. I smiled meekly as the woman sitting next to me dropped her jaw, quickly shoved my card back in the wallet, and told Brooke that Kohls would not probably approve the payment for my new license.

Thankfully we were done filling out the necessary paperwork so I said my "Have a great day" and booked it out of there. Does anyone else find it odd that Dustin was NOT amused by this story?


Jess said...

Awesome! Girls love to shop!

Becky said...

I definitely laughed out loud when I read this post :)