Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

Can we say super blogger this week?! I am on a roll!

As my due date draws closer I can think of a few baby items I would like. They are all selfish though and not completely necessary, just some extras I would like to have.

1. Skip Hop Studio diaper bag. I have always wanted a nice diaper bag but never really got around to picking one out. I had a decent one from Babies R' Us when Brooke was a newborn but eventually went to just using my purse. I am a minimalist! Now that we have a second baby on the way I think it is time for an upgrade. And for something that actually has pockets for sippy cups. Now if only I could pick which color I like best!

2. Ruffle Butt bloomers. I could totally picture Brooke and Molly in some matching ruffle butt diaper covers!

3. Ergo Carrier. Dustin and I decided against getting a double stroller right now. We are not sure if we want something that big and sometimes it is easier just to have Brooke walk holding our hands. I do however what a nice sturdy carrier for when we do need another option. With this carrier we could carry either child while the other rides in the stroller. It is also supposed to be really easy on your back, which I need!


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