Monday, May 17, 2010

33 Weeks

Pregnancy: 33 Weeks

Weight Gain: 28lbs so far. I think I may pass my goal of 30.

Sleep: Doing great! I actually wake up on my belly most mornings, which I did not think was possible at this point.

Gender: Girl

Name: Molly Grace

Feeling: Tired. I worked this morning and was on my feet for 4 hours.

Health: So far so good! My BP was higher than normal but still in the normal range.

Movement: She is a rough little lady. Sometimes I think she is trying to kick her way out.

Belly: I have a good amount of stretch marks but I think they are all from when I had Brooke. With her I didn't get them until after she was born so I never got to see them stretch out. Boy are they scary!

Next Appointment: Wednesday, May 26th! My doctor wants to check me before I leave for Philly just to make sure I am fully approved for travel.

I end this post with an adorable picture...


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