Monday, January 26, 2009


Brooke has learned the art of giggles. Around 2 and 1/2 months she started letting out small laughs but this week we learned how to make her giggle. Tickling works something, other times giving her kisses all over her face works. It is so great to watch her smile and make her giggle, and I cannot wait to hear the adorable belly laugh. Another thing she has accomplished recently is grasping on to thing, things other than my earrings and hair. A week or two ago I introduced a love to her (a blanket with a Pooh head on it) and she started sucking on it while she napped. Now she holds it whenever she is in her bouncy chair. When she starts grasping the head more I am going to try and introduce larger toys.

Sunday we had our friends Randi and Matt over for lunch and games. We have gone to their house twice now for dinner and games so it felt nice to reciprocate the gesture. Our favorite games are Catch Phrase and Cranium, SO FUN! It is also great to have another couple with a baby to get together with. Their daughter is almost 6 months old and it is amazing to see the difference between her and Brooke. Part of me wants Brooke to stay little for ever but another wants her to reach more milestones, talk, walk, jump, run, play... okay, I'm getting carried away.

That is all I have for now.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

House Shopping

This weekend Dustin and I are going house shopping and I could not be more excited. I know this can be a long process but I am glad to finally be starting it. Hopefully we will see some things we like and have fun at the same time. I cannot wait to pick out paint colors, decorate, and just have a house to call our own. And for now I shall push my mind from the annoyance of packing and moving.

No new pictures of Brooke but she is doing wonderful! I forgot to update on this but I think she is cured of her reflux. We started weaning her off her medicine a week or two ago and now are doing half of her normal dose every other night. She has not had problems for awhile now and even though she still spits up, she rarely cries during or after. So Praise the Lord for that!

Friday, January 16, 2009

3 Months Old!

Yesterday was Brooke's 3 month birthday! I still cannot believe how fast time is flying by and how quickly she is growing up. Before I know it she will be running around the house, chasing the dog with permanent markers.

Today I dressed her up in some baby legs -- a new fad apparently -- and took some pictures. During this time she found her feet! It was so adorable, as if she had just noticed she had them on the ends of her legs.

She has also started to attempt to hold on to things. Today she took a nap with a lovie in her arms and was sucking on it when I went in to check on her. She has not accomplished rolling yet but she does a good amount of sit ups on a daily basis!

As for Dustin and I, we are enjoying our second year of marriage and looking forward to things to come. I am very excited for all the things God has in His plans for us this year, especially watching Brooke grow up!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Blizzard of 2009

I guess we were about due for a harsh winter and apparently we are in a "Blizzard Watch". We have almost of foot of snow on the ground and are expecting to get 4-6 more inches plus high winds. What a nasty week! I cannot wait until the snow melts, the sun comes back, and I can take Brooke on a walk. AND today Brooke is actually napping! For the past week she has REFUSED to nap during the day and would rather be held. Today, she has decided napping is cooler than anything else, including eating. SO am I being productive you ask? NO. I am writing a blog entry and watching Hook.

Things around the Miller household are going well. Dustin is still really enjoying his job and is a wonderful daddy to Brooke. I love how men are silly and goofy around babies where women feel the need to protect and nurture. It is a great balance! She is already becoming a daddy's girl as well.

Some more pictures of Brooke...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2008 In Pictures

2008 in pictures.

January - Honeymoon in Mexico

February- We're pregnant!


April- Told friends I was pregnant

May- College graduation

June- It's a girl!

July-Amy gets married

August- Baby shower!

September- Putting the baby gear together

October- Brooke Lynn arrives almost 4 weeks early

November - Thanksgiving

December- Christmas and our 1 year anniversary

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Holidays

I really want to do a pictorial review in honor of the New Year but I will have to wait until I get back to Indiana and have access to more pictures. Until then, I will update on Christmas!

Dustin and I spent 12.5 hours in a car on Christmas Eve and arrived at my parents home just shy of Midnight. Despite my overwhelming need for sleep, my parents took Brooke from my arms and showered her with love for a good hour. She spent most of the day in the car sleeping, but thankfully, passed out for the night in her swing. Christmas morning we awoke around 8am... running down the stairs like tween girls at a Jonas Brother's concert. (K, just kidding about that last part) My brother and his new wife --I say new because they got married in the Bahamas on the 16th)-- arrived around 9. Living up to my expectations, Brooke spent the first 10 minutes screaming and then dutifully slept for the next 2 hours. Dustin and I received many books to satisfy our love of reading and a stocking full of chocolate to help us in our quest to loose weight. Brooke pulled in some books, Disney DVDs, clothes from Baby Gap, and a rain forest jumperoo! Even though she is too young to fit into the jumperoo, I made DH set it up so I could play with it. MATURE, I know.

Christmas day my mom's parents and my Uncle, aunt, and their 4 kids came over for dinner. Brooke wore a pretty dress for all over 1 hour because she spit up all over the place. After that, it was jeans and a shirt for her.

Sunday we had Brooke dedicated at Calvary Chapel Philly by Joe Focht. It was a year from that weekend that we said our vows on that stage and there we were, handing off a baby to the pastor! In true Brooke fashion, she started crying towards the end of the prayer and pulled a round of "AWs" from the congregation with her pouty lip. Afterward my mom's whole family (22 people) came to our house for a catered meal.