Friday, January 16, 2009

3 Months Old!

Yesterday was Brooke's 3 month birthday! I still cannot believe how fast time is flying by and how quickly she is growing up. Before I know it she will be running around the house, chasing the dog with permanent markers.

Today I dressed her up in some baby legs -- a new fad apparently -- and took some pictures. During this time she found her feet! It was so adorable, as if she had just noticed she had them on the ends of her legs.

She has also started to attempt to hold on to things. Today she took a nap with a lovie in her arms and was sucking on it when I went in to check on her. She has not accomplished rolling yet but she does a good amount of sit ups on a daily basis!

As for Dustin and I, we are enjoying our second year of marriage and looking forward to things to come. I am very excited for all the things God has in His plans for us this year, especially watching Brooke grow up!

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