Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Blizzard of 2009

I guess we were about due for a harsh winter and apparently we are in a "Blizzard Watch". We have almost of foot of snow on the ground and are expecting to get 4-6 more inches plus high winds. What a nasty week! I cannot wait until the snow melts, the sun comes back, and I can take Brooke on a walk. AND today Brooke is actually napping! For the past week she has REFUSED to nap during the day and would rather be held. Today, she has decided napping is cooler than anything else, including eating. SO am I being productive you ask? NO. I am writing a blog entry and watching Hook.

Things around the Miller household are going well. Dustin is still really enjoying his job and is a wonderful daddy to Brooke. I love how men are silly and goofy around babies where women feel the need to protect and nurture. It is a great balance! She is already becoming a daddy's girl as well.

Some more pictures of Brooke...

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