Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Holidays

I really want to do a pictorial review in honor of the New Year but I will have to wait until I get back to Indiana and have access to more pictures. Until then, I will update on Christmas!

Dustin and I spent 12.5 hours in a car on Christmas Eve and arrived at my parents home just shy of Midnight. Despite my overwhelming need for sleep, my parents took Brooke from my arms and showered her with love for a good hour. She spent most of the day in the car sleeping, but thankfully, passed out for the night in her swing. Christmas morning we awoke around 8am... running down the stairs like tween girls at a Jonas Brother's concert. (K, just kidding about that last part) My brother and his new wife --I say new because they got married in the Bahamas on the 16th)-- arrived around 9. Living up to my expectations, Brooke spent the first 10 minutes screaming and then dutifully slept for the next 2 hours. Dustin and I received many books to satisfy our love of reading and a stocking full of chocolate to help us in our quest to loose weight. Brooke pulled in some books, Disney DVDs, clothes from Baby Gap, and a rain forest jumperoo! Even though she is too young to fit into the jumperoo, I made DH set it up so I could play with it. MATURE, I know.

Christmas day my mom's parents and my Uncle, aunt, and their 4 kids came over for dinner. Brooke wore a pretty dress for all over 1 hour because she spit up all over the place. After that, it was jeans and a shirt for her.

Sunday we had Brooke dedicated at Calvary Chapel Philly by Joe Focht. It was a year from that weekend that we said our vows on that stage and there we were, handing off a baby to the pastor! In true Brooke fashion, she started crying towards the end of the prayer and pulled a round of "AWs" from the congregation with her pouty lip. Afterward my mom's whole family (22 people) came to our house for a catered meal.

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