Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We are back!

We are back from Philly in one piece! We got home around 5:15 last night so a very cold house. Dustin made me turn the heat completely off before we left and as a result it went down to 50 degrees in our house. Brrr! We still have not started unpacking but all of the bags are in the right rooms. Maybe this weekend...

Meeting my nephew Luca for the first time

We had a great time in Philly and I wish we could have stayed longer. One of my favorite things about visiting there is the food! It is the first thing I think about when we are out there and I normally have a food itinerary made ahead of time. Wednesday morning I waited patiently for lunch to arrive so I could have a hoagie from Lee's Hoagie House, we ate at the Cheesecake Factory at the mall, we had Buffalo Chicken Pizza for lunch one day, and of course we had Cheesesteaks!

Heating hot fudge, which I failed at

Franklin Institute

Dustin and I running up the Rocky steps

Thanksgiving was a blast with family and we even braved the crowds on Friday to go shopping. Saturday we took Brooke down to the Franklin Institute in Philly for something fun to do. Dustin and I even ran up the Rocky steps! I wish I could go into detail about each part of our trip but that would probably bore you!


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Shannon said...

My family is from North East PA and I'm the same way. I call them to let them know what food to have in the house and what places we will be going to for food! I swear PA just has the best food!